Monique vs. Everybody


The pay disparity between men and women is very real just like the one between white and Black women.

Monique asked the folks who were in favor of her stance to boycott Netflix. Weeks later after the receipts have been shown and Monique has presented facts on facts on facts. There are still folks who have pulled all types of excuses out of their asses as to why Monique should sit down and shut.

Earlier this week Monique sat the table with the ladies of The View to shed light on her situation. Whoopi being the type of person she is told Monique that she should have come to her for guidance. Now if Monique feels that that was a step she should’ve taken then so be it, but I’m not sure I’d want to take lessons from a woman who let her white husband get on a stage in Blackface and defended him. I know you might be thinking what’s one got to do with the other – but, this comes from a morality standpoint. Sister Whoopi, may have great advice but the problem is the messenger.

Monique also sat down with the donkeys of The Breakfast Club and gave both Lenard ‘Charlamange tha God’ McKelvey and Angela Ye a tongue lashing all while giving us a great gif and great advice: “Name names or leave it on the playground.” 

At this point, after weeks and weeks of observing the responses to Monique I can honestly say if you refuse to understand her point you don’t care about Black women. That may be harsh but it’s true. She’s saying that what Netflix offered her is slap the face and it is for what she’s done in the entertainment industry – especially when you compare that to folks that have gotten millions.

Her contract included at tail, meaning contractual agreements that need to be followed after you’ve fulfilled your main obligation like a comedy special. Now that tail may last for 2-3 years. That means when all of that is over you’ll get the rest of your money. Monique’s initial pay would have been a little over 150k for 2-3 years. You’re kidding right? Really? If you’ve noticed all of your favs that have comedy special on Netflix you don’t see any comedy tours, etc until years later because of the tail on their contract.

The deep rooted issue is that folks believe Black women should take the scraps we are given and don’t let the Black woman standing up for herself be known to be boisterous, God forbid she is fat and dark. Oh the backlash worsens. The narrative of Monique being the stereotypical angry, black woman is false as well. She has been composed in her series of dragging.

It’s 2018, Black women are standing up for themselves and we ain’t out here excepting crumbs. I say koodles to Monique her outrage and her willingness to share her story is lesson to us all that sometimes dying on the hill may be the hardest but it’s for the greater good and there is honor in that.

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