Mourning the Loss Of Leah LaBelle And What Could Have Been


Yesterday was going well until I heard of the passing of Leah LaBelle and her husband. I’m wasn’t familiar with Rasual Butler. I just found out that he was from Philly – right over the bridge, but I was a fan of Leah. I was first introduced to her through Steve Mackey’s Taco Tuesdays (look it up on Youtube). Leah was singing with JoJo, their rendition of John Legend’s Ordinary People and her voice was everything, so I followed her on Instagram. I was smitten. Leah Labelle was such a talent. Her death has devastated me and I had to really reflect and figure out why I had such a visceral reaction to it: I got it.

I’m an empath which, makes me a very compassionate person but it ain’t all that good either. I take on the burden of people’s emotions and it really weighs me down. Being an empath helps me on a spiritual level and the physical affects are exhausting. I think I’m mourning the lost of what Leah LaBelle’s career. She was a former American Idol contestant and was signed by Epic Records. Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri spoke very highly of her. Her friends were successful but still up and coming: Amber Riley, JoJo, Jordin Sparks, Tori Kelly, etc. Her work here on Earth wasn’t done and that’s what I’m mourning.

I’ve experienced many death, family, friends, etc but I have never had reaction like the one I had yesterday. When I realized it was Leah that was the wife of the Ex-NBA player I went straight to her Instagram to confirm. Confirmation? The RIP comments under her latest photo. I should stop thinking about what could have been, I’ll never know, we’ll never know.

One thing is for sure: Wherever she is Leah LaBelle be singing.

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