The Latin Community Is Very Anti-Black. You Didn’t Know?


Love and Hip Hop Miami Shines A Light On Anti-Blackness and Amara La Negra is stuck right smack-dab in the middle.

Love and Hip Hop Miami premiered a week ago and if you have never understood anti-blackness in the Latin community, this show will show you first hand. Amara La Negra is a Black woman apart of the Latina e is trying to break into the “American” music scene and people are anti-black trash. She met with a producer named Young Hollywood and he told her she needed to be a little less Macy Gray and a little more Beyoncé. What that meant was he wanted her to get rid of the afro and get the straight here going. During their conversation there were a lot of racist remarks made and it was ridiculous.

I can tell this season is going to shine a bright light on the erasure of afro-latinx people in the Latin community. Just a few years ago I wasn’t aware that everyone in the Latin community didn’t look like J.Lo, but thank God for social media. It opened my eyes to the existence people of the African Diaspora from all over the world.

This morning I went to Amara La Negra’s Instagram page and she is getting a lot of positive message from people who’ve been following her and folks who’ve were introduced to her through this show.

I have been following her for awhile, this may sound shallow but mainly for how beautiful she is. Remember that Disney movie Life Size starring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan? Amara is the real that doll Eve. She is the life version of every black doll my mama wanted me to have. I am in awe every time I look at her.

Afro-Latinas have been fucking shit up lately, in good way: Lala Anthony, Cardi B, Gina Torres and now hopefully Amara. Yall now how excited I get about black women showing up and showing out so I’m down!

Believe that I’m not up for the anti-black antics so you can come for Amara at 9am est on VH1 if you want – I’m coming for you.

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