Christina Aguilera Could Have Done Her Whitney Houston Tribute In the Bathroom and Left Us Alone 


We know Christina Aguilera’s voice and are familiar with her riffs and runs enough for us to know that any Whitney song sung with Christina’s unique technique would likely be overwhelming. And so it was…

I can’t breakdown why it didn’t work because I’m no professional singer, but I know Steve Mackey was somewhere with the Sour Patch face and on. I know Christina’s heart was pure and her intentions were good but the high notes and false settles were not. Someone said that the Houston family chose Christina, specifically Pat Houston. Well if Pat Houston is in the same mental state that she was in a few years ago I can fully understand this disaster (Youtube ‘Own Our Own’ for a reference).

The American Music Awards don’t like black people anyway. They’re not here for us and haven’t been for awhile, just like Billboard and The Grammys – because if they were there are plenty of others they could’ve called upon to give us a decent tribute. They could’ve called Deborah Cox, Fantasia, Jazmine Sullivan but they chose their favorite white woman Christina Aguilera, and who’s turning down an offer like that? I don’t blame Christina one bit. She sat up there and gave us incredibly, awful renditions of Whitney Houston’s classics for eight minutes. The cringed faces and squinted eyes, told the same story that was taking place in my home: Confusion.

I don’t want to bash Christina’s performance, social media has done that enough. I think she really tried her but it just wasn’t good enough. And I hope next time she closely evaluates the vocal technique of artists that she’s asks to do tribute to.

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