She’s Gotta Have It Season 1 Episode 1


Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ is a reboot, movie-turned-miniseries on Netflix.

I won’t tell you the premise because what fun is that? Just have a seat, let’s talk.

The story takes black in Brooklyn and the main character Nola Darling is a babe. A brown skin, hazel-eyed woman, who is deeply into movies – like Roger Egbert into movies, and vibrant painter. She lives in her own brownstone and enjoys the company of men. Frequently.

Here’s the run down of the men:

Jamie Overstreet– An older man, seemingly married with chocolate skin and reminds me of Uncle Frank from Mo’esha. He likes to have his cake and eat it too. Nola isn’t the only woman he is spending his time with and neither is his wife, but he yet he wants Nola to be readily available for him. He’s declared Nola his soulmate, he’s smitten and a fool. He pays her bills though. I can’t be mad at sis.

Mars Blackmon- Bless Mars, he thinks he’s cool but he’s very corny in a cute way. Puerto Rican and African American, with light skin and curly hair. His sneaker collection is plentiful and his clothing is colorful. I can’t tell if he loves Nola or if he’s just entranced on her beauty and the way she gives no fucks. His presence is joyful, he loves to crack jokes and spit corny rhymes.

Greer Child- Greer is who I would refer to as a self addict. He’s a narcissist ten times over and looks like he could be the grandson of the late, great Malcolm X  – who Nola shares a birthday with. Not only is Greer a pretty boy but his orderly habits are annoying: Folding each article of clothing as he undresses in front of Nola before having sex is one of them. He good eye candy is he doesn’t move or speak. Mannequin challenge!

Nola Darling is a woman who enjoys sex, just like many women. She is very definitive about what she wants and that’s no strings attached. Balancing multiple lovers can be hard for some if they’re practicing in secret, but everyone who knows NOLA  knows they’re not the only one rolling around in the sheets with her. Deal with it!

Mars finally gets a chance to be on inside of Nola’s apartment and he asks her if she needs a roommate. Nigga what? Nola lives in “gentrified Fort Green” so yes, expensive. How does she afford it? There has yet to be clear answer but I think it’s Mr. Overstreet – married and paying another woman’s bills, how classic. Mars and Nola discover that they’re parents are both artists which has of course trickled down to them. There’s a spark flying.

Nola doesn’t need Greer to talk when he comes over, just do her an get it over with. After the sex Nola paints a “portrait” of Greer. You get great artistic gifts out of dating artist: poems, stories, paintings, etc. Nola decides to pick Greers brain about his profound love for himself and yes there is a possibility that he may love himself more than Kanye loves Kanye. The portrait is done and Greer isn’t so happy. A realistic portrayal of his beautiful sculpted face and green eyes is what he was expecting, he got that, in addition to hellion horns on his head and a serpent tongue protruding from his mouth. There was no happy ending to this scene. Greer is pissed.


Clorinda Bradford: Best friend and former roommate of Nola’s. The living situation was unsuccessful seeing as though Clorinda couldn’t use the bathroom in the morning without being involuntarily being introduced to a new semi-nude man. Nola didn’t see a problem because she’d found the place and to her Clorinda was a rent-paying guest. Nola girl, come on. It was cool though Clorinda packed up her shit and found her own brownstone apartment, where she could wake up and use the bathroom without being welcomed by a ‘rando’ with a towel wrapped around him.

Picture it, a Brooklyn summer day with three friends, sitting in a garden courtyard eatery. Cucumber martinis everyone! Clorinda sips hers and the bourgeois washes over her. To her it’s not Grey Goose, it tastes like moonshine and she claims she can taste the “three dollar difference”. She unnecessarily informs the white waiter that she is not intimidated by his “beautiful beard and sense of entitlement”. He’s whisked away by his desire to keep his job. White bearded waiter comes back with the right tasting drink and all is well. The girls are excited to see what Nola creates in the very upcoming future. “To Nola!”

It’s May 19th, Nola’s birthday and Jamie Overstreets stops by barring gifts. Nola is appreciative. They lie in bed talking until the conversation is interrupted by a phone call, it’s Mars. He wants to hang out with his friend on her birthday – ride bikes through Brooklyn. Nola declines and lets him know she’s in for the night, she’ll talk to him tomorrow. He calls back again, being himself trying to convince her to get up, get out and get something. But he doesn’t know that there’s a warm body next to her waiting to be touched. *click* Jamie is curious. Who would call Nola back again after she’s declined an offer. Nola nonchalantly let’s Jamie know that it’s just a friend. He’s irritated, but the night must go on. He wrote Nola a poem, that she shares with Mars the next day and the shit is corny.  Mars share his own rhyme about Nola off the dome :

Some girls got beauty, some girls got grace

You so black perfect, you in that goddamn muhfuckin’ race

Yes, yes, yaaaalllll!

Some freaks got style

Some freaks got class

But Nola got that and a tigh—-


Freak? That’s not word that Nola takes lightly in fact, she despises it. Mars doesn’t understand why someone would be ashamed of their freak status when he waves his “freak flag” sky high. Meanwhile Jamie, is at working calling Nola, wishing she was available. He calls go unanswered. Nola is busy, busy getting her back blown out by Mars Blackmon.

In Greer’s apart in the sun rising hours of the morning, Greer declares Nola a sex addict. She’s taken aback and trying to figure out why she can’t just be a grown ass woman who enjoys sex, since Greer has responded to her “if I’m a sex addict what are you?” with “I’m Greer Childs, I’m a grown ass man.” He doesn’t know how to respond. He wants to share a shower moment with her. Shower with him? Fuck no. 

Jamie’s in Nola’s face again because he wants more than she is willing to give though he’s juggling other women. Fuck outta here. He storms out and that’s the end of that. Are they off or on? We’ll have to wait and see.

Over Clorinda’s house, Nola sips on a drink while Clorinda smokes greens on the couch. We found out that Mars was Clorinda’s love interest first and Nola broke the girl code. There’s no turning back now. They trade digs about Nola’s vagina and how she should probably give it a rest.

On her way back to her place Nola’s space is invaded by man who knows no boundaries after the hey sexy’s and yo ma’s he leapt over the boundary and grabbed Nola by her arm. The only thing to do is swing in the Brooklyn streets, so that’s what she did. She swung and she ran though she was still close enough to her the man call her a “black bitch”. Once she was safe inside her apartment, she lit her blunt and let the tears flow. Once fear has diminished anger pushes through and when it comes to artists aggressive emotions help them produce their best work.

Nola hit the Brooklyn streets and plastered her art on walls

“My name isn’t Babygirl”

“My name isn’t sexy”.

“My name isn’t ‘Yo Ma'”

“My name isn’t Mamacita.” 

“My name isn’t honey.”

“And my name definitely ain’t no muthafuckin’ black bitch!” 

Her name is Nola Darling.






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